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being too young, toxic, metagaming, stream sniping

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Yes, I do understand my ban and It would be mean a lot if I could get unbanned that would mean a lot. I know I am young but I personally think am very chill don't even sound young and I love this community a lot by far WP is the best server I have been in and I enjoy this server, from discord lobby to in-game was the best everyone super chill. Now that I have seen what I did I Will make sure that does not happen again. I like supporting everyone in the community I know I'm banned but I will still support this server and everyone that streams it. If I do get unban that would be a privilege. Other then that that's all that I got to say, my hopes are high and I hope I can join the WP and get the one and only opportunity again.

Additional Info

I feel like my RP is good and I like to bring good RP to everyone around me like EMS and just having simple talks with people. I love the RP of criminals and just having a good time with cops and giving them a fun chase.

City Changes / Ideas

Honestly, everything that is happing in the city is good I like how the city is running and I don't think it needs anything done you guys are doing well and it looks good.

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Last Chance, Final Warning.

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