Penal Code

Law court


For the creation of a document that ensures the safety of the people of San Andreas and a fair, well-documented process for the enforcement of criminal penalties in the State of San Andreas as written in its laws and codes.


Citing the Code

For consistency and to allow ease of understanding, please refer to penal code entries in one of three ways:

  1. With the full title, underlined, prefix first. For example, (1)01. Intimidation or (10)01. Attempt

  2. With the prefix (x)xx. For example, (1)01. or (10)01.

  3. With the shortening code PCX-XX. For example, PC1-01 or PC10-01





  1. A “Person” refers to any living human being or individual.

  2. A “Civilian” refers to any individual who is not an on-duty peace officer or national guardsman.

  3. A “Peace Officer” refers to an individual who is, through a badge, unique identifier, or other internal police protocol, an on-duty officer of the law. Police are expected to maintain appropriate internal policy to distinguish when an officer is on duty, plain clothes, and other states besides a typically uniformed officer.

  4. A “Government employee” refers to any on-duty employee of a local, state, or federal agency.

  5. A “Weapon” refers to any object, tool or item, whether or not regulated or manufactured, that a person utilizes to inflict harm, threaten harm, or utilize in lieu of a regulated or manufactured item that, when used as intended, can inflict harm.


Title 14. Amendments & Additions (PC14-01 onward)

  1. At the pleasure of the State Legislature, amendments, additions, and revisions to this penal code may be made at any time with respect to the due process of the legislative process of those authorities.

  2. The Chief Justice may also review the Penal Code and make proposed changes to ensure its effectiveness and appropriate language for legal interpretation. Major changes should be consulted upon with the State Legislature.

  3. General policy and procedure changes will be made in Title 12. Code Policy. All other changes shall be made within relevant Titles.

  4. At least seven days shall be given between the release of an updated Penal Code revision and its implementation.

  5. All changes to this code shall be dated and acknowledged in Title 14. Amendments & Additions

(14)01. May 25 2015

  1. Final Draft of Penal Code issued. All charges were rewritten and adapted to incorporate more effective, accurate language. Examples added to commonly confused charges and to help describe appropriate charge usage. Precedents added to create official policy on wiretapping, exigent circumstances, and other policies. General cleaning and reorganization of code entries for effectiveness.


  1. Acknowledgments to Laos for creation, organization, and development of the new code format and structure.

(14)02. July 08 2019

  1. Updated to clarify on policy about "stacking" charges

  2. Clarified some language in the Road Law. double yellow lines mean something different on LSRP from what they typically do in RL.

  3. Clarified language about an officer's authority when individuals obstruct passageways as well as directly updated officer authorities on checkpoints in the Road Law Limitations (11)00.

(14)03. July 27 2020

  1. Update times and fines for San Andreas State

(14)04. August 16 2021

TItle 6 (6)02. Possession Of A Controlled Substance With Intent To Sell (State unless on Gov property)