Lost Vehicle

If you can't find your vehicle at any of the Garages or on the Recovery List. On your Map there is a Spot Called "Garage_Center", go there to get you vehicle back.

Street Racing

You can Street Racing with other players on a Race Course you create or on one thats a Race Favourite Race Commands: /race record - allows you to record the race with checkpoints you mark on the map. /race precise - (Use after using the /race record command) This allows you set up check points on areas that are not streets. /race save (name) - Will save the course you have created spaces don't work It has to be all in 1 /race load (name) - Will load a course saved by a certain name. /race start (amount bet) (time to start in seconds) (Laps if wanted) example $1000 bet with 30 seconds to start on a 2 lap race /race start 1000 30 2 /race leave - to leave the current race you have entered. (can be used to clear what checkpoints you have recorded or a track that is loaded up before starting the race) /race delete (name) - To delete courses which I would only do on ones you made if you mess up a checkpoint

Driving School

After you have finished customizing your Character you are going to need to get your Driver's Licence(s). Depending on what your plans in the city are, we have 3 Drivers Licences to take:

Drivers Licence - Basic Vehicles Motorcycles Licence - Covers ALL 2 Wheeled Vehicles CDL (Commercial Drivers Licence) - Buses | Box Trucks | Transport Trucks | Fuel Tankers ~ First will be a 10 Question Theory Test ~ Next you will take the Practical Driving Test. ~ After you have Passed the Driving test you can take the next Practical Driving Test for the Vehicles you plan on Driving.​

Gas Stations

Gas Stations are NOT listed on the Map, But are located all around the city. Pull into a Gas Station close to the Pump. Careful not to Hit the Pump and cause an explosion. Exit your Vehicle and walk up to the Pump. Press E to start fueling your Vehicle. You can also buy a Jerrycan from the Pump.

Buying a Vehicle

We have over 450 Vehicles for you to choose from. We have a Vehicle Catalog for you to get some basic info and to see the Vehicles. There is 3 Different dealerships in the City: MyGuy Motorsports - Default Dealership for ALL Vanilla GTA Vehicles Exclusive Motorsports - Player ran Dealership and Import Car Dealer Paleto Motors - Player ran Dealership and Import Car Dealer The player ran dealerships is where you can Sell your Vehicle. The Vehicles in Stock is always changing, so stop by have look. If you are unsure if they are open, Drive by and have a look.

Boat Rentals

There is a Boat Rental service in the city. 4 Boats - Prices from $500-$1500 1 Spot near the Docks 2 Spots on the Island

Aircraft Control

The basic features of this script are: - GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System)
- TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)
- Designated airspace’s (altitude) per aircraft class
- Automatic airport map blips where the current aircraft
can/is allowed to land
- Automatic “Airport Zone” recognition for GPWS/TCAS to
respond to
- Autopilot mode (can fly with A.I. to the map marker and
circle till you disable it!)
- Glide Slope (Automated landing assistant)
- 25+ Audio Warning Sounds.



You can fish from almost anywhere there is water.
All you need is a Fishing Rod & some Bait...
Find the store on Del Pierro Peir. Sell your Fish at the Fish Restaurant. 1 Bait = 1 Fish

Weed Planting

You can buy Weed Seed Packs from the Smoke Shops around the City. You can then plant them on any flat ground. You need to tend to the plants every 6 or so hours before the are ready for harvest. Make sure to check on them as leaving them for too long will cause them to be destroyed.

Job Center

If you want to get right to work you will need to go to the Job Center to select a career path. You can also go to the player owned businesses not listed in the Job Center and ask the owners for a job. Some are hiring, others are not. Go out and be social, but don’t expect them to give you a job right away. Inside the Lobby of this Building you will find the Blip to select your job. Once you select your Job, you will see NEW Map Blips for your job locations. Police | EMS | Department of Transportation Department of Justice are Whitelisted Jobs and MUST be applied for.


Trap Houses

There is 17 Trap Houses around the city. You can find random drugs inside and also put your own drugs inside to sell at a quick rate compaired to sell to locals by hand. You can find them when they are open, only 2 open at a time and the don't stay open long. You also get hints for Trap House locations after reaching level 5 from selling to locals by hand. Police can also find and shut down the trap house (only for that rotation)

Gang Territories

Gangs will have to contest areas in order to access certain high paying drugs. Gangs will be able to fight over Cocaine, Meth, Money Wash, and Weed! The gang with the most influence in the area will be the only ones who are able to access those specific drug spots. These contested drug spots will paying much higher than the free market drug locations and will give you a bigger boost with skills system. Police will be also be able to contest an area and lock these drug spots down once enough influence is gained. IMPORTANT: If you are part of a gang already make sure you are in our 'TWPRP Group/Business' Discord so you can get your gang keys! The general area on where these 4 illegal spots are: 1. Buccanear Way (Coke) 2. Backlot (Money Wash | 25% Wash Rate) 3. Morningwood (Weed) 4. Stab City (Meth) The territories will be preset to police control and the influence will be seen on the bottom right of your screen. Only seeable if you are on your gang keys! Remember, regular gang rules still apply!

BitCoin Mining

Compile it and then sell it on the Black-Market with a Trap Phone. You need a Raspberry and to find the 3 Locations. 2 on and 1 off the island.

Trap Phone Selling

You can setup Drug deals with NPCs: Buy a Burner Phone, Use it to setup a drug deal, A local will run up to you and display how many items they wanna buy, They will either accept the offer and pay you, or they will call the cops and pull a weapon to try to fight you, If no cops are online 2 NPC cops spawn and try to shoot you down. The More Cops online the More $$$ the Locals will Pay

Flakka Harvesting and Production

Flakka is the New Designer Drug from South America.... Collect Pure Flakka from the Plantation on Cayo Perico Find the Production area and Bag it up... Then your ready to sell.... THIS IS NOT A STAND AROUND JOB, YOU NEED TO RUN FROM PLANT TO PLANT TO HARVEST

Weapon Crafting

You can find the sell spot to by a Weapon Part Box for $50. When you open it there is a chance you will get 1 of 4 Small Weapon Parts, there is a smaller chance of getting 1 of 4 Large Weapon Parts. Small/Large Weapon Grip
Small/Large Weapon Receiver
Small/Large Weapon Magazine
Small/Large Weapon Barrel There is also a chance of ONLY getting Metal Scraps (which is still useful for other crafting items) this is why the Part Box is only $50 There is then 2 spots to put together the small or large weapons. Small Weapon Crate = Processing Cost $5000
Large Weapon Crate - Processing Cost $200,000 Opening a Small Weapon Crate = Change of getting a Heavy Revolver or a Heavy Pistol
Opening a Large Weapon Crate = gives you an LMG Do NOT keep weapons in your inventory you dont need, store them in a trunk, house or motel safe


Housing System

𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐈𝐭 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬: 𝘚𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘈𝘶𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘍𝘰𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘵 ~ All bids must be placed using your phone in game to a Realtor. ~ Leave your name, the house number, and the bid amount at minimum. ~ One Bid Per Home (You can only own one home at this time.) ~ You have 48 Hours from the first bid (announced in #house-updates), to make your own bid through your IG phone. ~ If you are making the first bid on a home, the realtor will respond with the minimum bid you can make. ~ You will NOT be notified if you are outbid. ~ If you are the winning bidder and unable to pay, you may be subject to a surcharge on your first purchase. ~ If the winner is delinquent in payment, the house will be awarded to the next highest bidder, or placed back on the market. ~ If you are the winner and do not respond to the realtor within 2 weeks then your bid will be removed and the house will be reauctioned. ~ You can sell your home for 75% of the purchase price, once authorized by a realtor.



Weapons Meta

We have a Custom Weapons Meta. - Recoil - Range (Changed rifle ranges + shotguns. ALL RIFLES HAVE DIFFERENT RANGES EXCLUDING COP RIFLES) - Damage/Headshot multiplier (.2) (+damage fall off ranges) - Reload Times (ALL RIFLES + A SHOTGUN)



You can set your nickname by doing /setnick NAME This will show when handing someone an item or they go to hand you an item, this name with be listed there. This is also the name that is used for /do's in the chat. Make sure your nickname is inline with your character.

Multi Character

You have 4 Characters, each with separate Money, Vehicles, Housing, Phone Numbers & Contacts The PLAY & DELETE buttons will always be under your first slot. When you click on a box it currently puts a grey ring around it, but we are looking into making it our Gold color. When you click DELETE it will ask you if you are sure. IF YOU DELETE YOUR CHARACTER, WE HAVE NO WAY OF GIVING THAT STUFF BACK When you create a new character you will begin at a Register Screen to start the Character Creation process

Clothing Stores

There are many Clothing Stores around the City, all of them are listed on the Map Legend (ESC) Here you can Create and Save new outfits Delete Outfits.


There are many Barbershops around the City, all of them are listed on the Map Legend (ESC) This is where you can get a new hair style or change your Facial Hair & Makeup options


Voice Chat Settings

You need to enable GTA Voice Chat and set your GTA Keybinds for Push to Talk - This controls your Voice Chat and Phone Calls. Having a good quality Microphone is very important. Your System settings for your Microphone may affect the way your microphone sounds as well.

Radio System

We use Mumble-VOIP & RP Radio Script that uses FiveM's built-in Mumble-Voip
Features: 800 Radio Channels Togglable Radio Mic Clicks Phone Speaker Mode Toggle Puts a radio in your hand Hear nearby calls and radio chatter. Voice chat & Microphone disabled warning messages You MUST have a RADIO to ACCESS the Radio /radio - Toggle Radio OPEN / CLOSE (using the radio item works too) F10 - Talk on the Radio TAB - Toggle Mic Click Sound L-SHIFT + SPACE - Toggle Speak Phone The Radio keybind is F10 by default (same as before) you can change this with the "Drop Ammunition" Keybind

Voice Range

There are 3 Different Voice Chat Range distances you can select. Using the Tilde `~ key you can cycle through them. They do NOT change how loud or quiet you are.


Clearing your Cache files

If you have been in other servers it's a good idea to start with a fresh Cache folder. To clear your cache, go to where the file is located (AppData/Local/FiveM/FiveM Application Data) and open the cache folder. Delete ONLY the PRIV folder.
Then Delete the Caches.XML file in the FiveM Application Data Folder.


Bank Machines

​ATM's are NOT listed on the Map, but are located all around the city. Most stores have one inside.


Food & Drinks

As shown in the section Mini-Map & Info Hud Hunger & Thirst requires you to purchase Food and Drinks from Shops & Bars (RP Purchases with Employees) Bread and Water only fill you up halfway, if you are looking for something to fill you up more, go to player owned businesses and order some food! Be on the lookout for advertisements when those businesses are open. There are many different items to suit your RP. But remember to keep some extra food and drinks on you so you don't run out. Other items are available here as well, find out in RP how to use them.


Personal Storage Safes

You can buy Securo Safes from the Pacific Standard Bank in Vinewood for $10,000. When you use the "Securo Safe" item from your inventory a SAFE object will spawn in front of you. Commands:
E - OPENS the Safe
G - PICKS-UP the Safe Safes are persistent. Inventory and locations are saved on restarts Safes can be picked up - Any items stored in the safes are deleted on pick up
***If you PICK-UP your safe it will EMPTY all the Contents and you will NOT be able to get them back.*** Do NOT Logout immediately after adding or removing items from the SAFE !!! Other players can access the safes through our Safe Cracker Mini Game Controls:
LEFT-SHIFT = Fast Dial Speed
Z = Slow Dial Speed
Left / Right Arrow Keys = Dial Rotation
G = Cancels Mini-Game Police notifications on attempted Safe Cracking Safes NEED to be viable when placed and can’t be put inside walls.
- I.e front with dial needs to be visible DO NOT PUT THEM INSIDE YOUR HOUSE INTERIOR OR MOTEL. - These interiors spawn in a different location everytime you go inside. NOT ALLOWED ALLOWED



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