Phones & Radios

Having a good quality Microphone is very important.
Your System settings for your Microphone may affect the way your microphone sounds as well.

You need to enable GTA Voice Chat and set your GTA Keybinds for Push to Talk - This controls your Voice Chat and Phone Calls.


You MUST have a PHONE to access the PHONE features.

There are 3 Different Voice Chat Range distances you can select.

Using the Tilde `~ key you can cycle through them.

They do NOT change how loud or quiet you are just the distance your voice travels.

You can tell what level you are currently on by looking at the hud at the bottom left of your screen.

We use Mumble-VOIP & RP Radio Script that uses FiveM's built-in Mumble-Voip


800 Radio Channels
Togglable Radio Mic Clicks
Phone Speaker Mode Toggle
Puts a radio in your hand
Hear nearby calls and radio chatter.
Voice chat & Microphone disabled warning messages

You MUST have a RADIO to ACCESS the Radio

/radio - Toggle Radio OPEN / CLOSE (using the radio item works too)
F10 - Talk on the Radio
TAB - Toggle Mic Click Sound
L-SHIFT + SPACE - Toggle Speak Phone

The Radio keybind is F10 by default (same as before) you can change this with the "Drop Ammunition" Keybind