Player Banking

WP Banking is the most advanced banking system on FiveM.


NEW Banking System to REPLACE BOTH CURRENT Systems


The bank has a built in fees system which means for each withdraw x% will go to the bank. (Very Low)

Our system is fully support offline actions such as transfers, credit-cards withdraws etc, means that you can still
transfer to people who are offline!

Designed to save your funds, if your credit card gets lost or stolen, the thief doesn't have access to your saving account!!
don't forget to cancel the credit card tho ;)

Advanced statement system which let the banking user to see all of his transactions that made on his account.

Unique CC system built-in the script, that give you the option to have a credit card on your inventory. this lets the
banking user to enjoy a realistic Credit Card that can actually very support the roleplay feeling. You can set up up to 5 credit cards
on your account (Number can be changed), each of them has its unique card number and pin that the user sets.

Our ATMs System lets the user login to any credit card you have on your inventory, even if its not yours! the catch is you have to know the pin.

Based on real BTC Api, Updates in real time.
Options to Buy & Sell In real time ingame.


Do NOT force someone to give you their card and pin number, this is powergaming and NOT allowed.
This is NOT a new rule.


You need to Create a Credit/Debt Card at a BANK or you will NOT be able to use an ATM.
Bank transfers over the Phones are NOT working at the moment
Bank app on the Phone displays your current Bank Account Funds