Street Racing

You can Street Race with other players on a Race Course you create or on one thats a Race Favourite


Race Commands:

/race record - allows you to record the race with checkpoints you mark on the map.

/race precise - (Use after using the /race record command) This allows you set up check points on areas that are not streets.

/race save (name) - Will save the course you have created spaces don't work It has to be all in 1

/race load (name) - Will load a course saved by a certain name.

/race start (amount bet) (time to start in seconds) (Laps if wanted)

example $1000 bet with 30 seconds to start on a 2 lap race
/race start 1000 30 2

/race leave - to leave the current race you have entered. (can be used to clear what checkpoints you have recorded or a track that is loaded up before starting the race)

/race delete (name) - To delete courses which I would only do on ones you made if you mess up a checkpoint