This guide is to help you on your First Day in the city and hopefully help you along so you can start your roleplaying experience with others,

so you don't have to keep asking basic questions and having to wait for answers.

Clearing your Cache files

If you have been in other servers it's a good idea to start with a fresh Cache folder.

To clear your cache, go to where the file is located (AppData/Local/FiveM/FiveM Application Data) and open the cache folder. Delete ONLY the PRIV folder. 

Then Delete the Caches.XML file in the FiveM Application Data Folder.

 Multi Character Creation

You have 4 Characters, each with separate Money, Vehicles, Housing, Phone Numbers & Contacts

The PLAY & DELETE buttons will always be under your first slot. 

When you click on a box it currently puts a grey ring around it, but we are looking into making it our Gold color. 


When you click DELETE it will ask you if you are sure.


When you create a new character you will begin at a Register Screen to start the Character Creation process

Here is where you will create your character.

​We ask you give yourself a realistic and well thought of name.

Please only have a First and Last name with no spaces in between.

​Date-of-Birth must be a realistic date.

​Height does NOT make your Character Taller or Shorter.

Once your done click "Create" and you will be at the "Skin" Menu to change your appearance.


A few things to remember when making your character:

Bulletproof Vests - Should NOT be worn as you are new to the city and doesn't make much sense for someone to be wearing one. Also they Can NOT be removed unless you make a new character.

Torso & T-Shirt - This can be tricky at first but it's easy to remember.

  • Torso is what you select as your Main Top. If you have a Closed top like a Jacket or Sweatshirt, then you would select the T-Shirt option to 15

  • If you have Open Jacket or Shirt, then the T-Shirt option is to select what is showing underneath. Keep in mind not all clothing works together.

  • Pro-Tip Make sure your clothes match or you don’t have “holes” in your clothing is by clicking your X button to put your arms up. If you can see your skin, then make sure you select the correct “arms”.

Items with 2 Options - The 2nd option for items is normally the colour variation.

Masks - The Mask option should NOT be used when creating your Character at this point.

  • You should NOT be walking around the City wearing a mask as its a Server Rule. 

  • If you are using one in a crime that is fine.

  • There is a Mask Shop shown on the Map and you can select one from there.

Some items may not work for all clothing and make-up options.

You can visit a Clothing Store or Barbershop if you missed something.

Voice Chat Settings

Next thing you will want to do is make sure your mic is working. 

Make sure you have followed all the instructions for TokoVoip & TeamSpeak.

Having a good quality Microphone is very important.

Your System settings for your Microphone may affect the way your microphone sounds as well.

Voice Chat Range

There are 3 Different Voice Chat Range distances you can select.

Using the Tilde  `~ key you can cycle through them.

They do NOT change how loud or quiet you are.

Clothing Stores

There are many Clothing Stores around the City, all of them are listed on the Map Legend (ESC)

Here you can Create and Save new outfits

Delete Outfits.


There are many Barbershops around the City, all of them are listed on the Map Legend (ESC)

This is where you can get a new hair style or change your Facial Hair & Makeup options

On-Screen Map & Main Map

Unless you are in a Vehicle you will NOT see your Mini-Map on your screen.​

You can access the Main Map by pressing P or ESC

On-Screen Info Hud

In the Bottom Left of your screen there will be 5 Bars:

The Top 2 are: Health (left) Armor (right)
The Bottom 3 are: Hungry (left) Thirst (middle) Drug/Drunk Effects (right)

Driving School

After you have finished customizing your Character you are going to need to get your Driver's Licence(s).

Depending on what your plans in the city are, we have 3 Drivers Licences to take:

Drivers Licence - Basic Vehicles

Motorcycles Licence - Covers ALL 2 Wheeled Vehicles

CDL (Commercial Drivers Licence) - Buses | Box Trucks | Transport Trucks | Fuel Tankers

This is the DMV. On the Top of the front steps you will find a Yellow Marker to start the Test.

  1.  First will be a 10 Question Theory Test

  2.  Next you will take the Practical Driving Test.

  3.  After you have Passed the Driving test you can take the next Practical Driving Test for the Vehicles you plan on Driving.​

Job Center

If you want to get right to work you will need to go to the Job Center to select a career path. 


You can also go to the player owned businesses not listed in the Job Center and ask the owners for a job. Some are hiring, others are not. Go out and be social, but don’t expect them to give you a job right away.

Inside the Lobby of this Building you will find the Blip to select your job.

Once you select your Job, you will see NEW Map Blips for your job locations.

Police | EMS | Department of Transportation

Department of Justice

are Whitelisted Jobs and MUST be applied for.

Bank Machines

ATM's are NOT listed on the Map, but are located all around the city. Most stores have one inside. 

Gas Stations

Gas Stations are NOT listed on the Map, But are located all around the city. 

Pull into a Gas Station close to the Pump.

Careful not to Hit the Pump and cause an explosion.

Exit your Vehicle and walk up to the Pump.

Press G to start fueling your Vehicle.

Food & Drinks

As shown in the section Mini-Map & Info Hud Hunger & Thirst requires you to purchase Food and Drinks from Shops & Bars (RP Purchases with Employees)   

Bread and Water only fill you up halfway, if you are looking for something to fill you up more, go to player owned businesses and order some food! Be on the lookout for advertisements when those businesses are open.

There are many different items to suit your RP.

But remember to keep some extra food and drinks

on you so you don't run out.

Other items are available here as well, find out in RP how to use them.

Buying a Vehicle

We have over 300 Vehicles for you to choose from. We have a Vehicle Catalog for you to get some basic info and to see the Vehicles.

There is 3 Different dealerships in the City:

MyGuy Motorsports - Default Dealership for ALL Vanilla GTA Vehicles

Benny's Deluxe Motorsports - Player ran Dealership and Import Car Dealer

WackPack Autos - Player ran Dealership and Import Car Dealer

The player ran dealerships is where you can Sell your Vehicle.

The Vehicles in Stock is always changing, so stop by have look.

If you are unsure if they are open, Drive by and have a look.

Each Business has a Phone App for you to Text them. DO NOT ASK ON TWITTER.


We have an In-Game Tablet you can access by pressing F9

Z-List Menu

When pressing Z the Player List will show On-Screen.


Have a Counter to show you if they are online.

Inventory Menu

Pressing F2 will bring up your Inventory Items.

You can Give the player closest to you anything from your Inventory.

You can use a lot of the items such as food, drinks, ammo, drugs, weapon extras and more.

You can also remove these items from your inventory.

Main Menu

Pressing F1 will bring up your Main Menu Wheel.

Through this menu you will have access to 
View your ID

Give your ID

Vehicle Actions
Crafting Actions


More Features will be added as implemented

Emote Menu

Pressing F3 will bring up your Animations Menu.

There is a number of different Animations to enhance your Roleplay.

To exit an Animation press X

Animations Menu

Pressing F11 will also bring up Animations Menu.

Pressing backspace will remove the menu but still allow you to continue the animation. Press X or F11 > Cancel Emote to stop any animation.

Housing Prices

You can purchase many different types of homes around the city through a Realtor. (Find out more in RP)

All Houses come with a Vehicle Garage and a Safe.

In-Game Phone

M will open your phone

This is to be used as your main Communication Device

You can Save & Delete Contacts.
Texting is Free.
Phone Calls are Charged per minute.

Controls & Commands


Get out there and get to know people!


If you don’t see anyone, either drive around to the other businesses or text the business to see if they are open!


Many businesses also throw up advertisements so keep an eye out for those as well.


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