How to Sign up

1.   Join our Discord Server.

2.    Read our Rules.

3.   Fill out an Application Below

System Requirements

Official Copy of GTA V

FiveM Client Installed

TeamSpeak v 3.3.0 or Higher

12 GBs RAM

4 GBs Dedicated Graphics

Ethernet Internet Connection

Working Headset & Microphone

Before you join the Server

1.   Installed TokoVoip.

2.    Have read our Guide.

3.   Learned the Controls.

Whitelist Application

 What kind of character do you want to Roleplay ? 

How did you learn about THe WaCK PaCK RP Server?

Have you read and do you understand the rules?

Do you understand that if you violate the rules you will be promptly removed?


Our very active staff/admin team keeps a very close eye on the logs of everything that happens in the city, which means if you are seen exploiting the starting cash with multi character you will be instantly banned without warning. There is no way around it so please follow the rules. Do you understand?

By submitting this Whitelist Application, you are releasing all above information to THe WaCKPaCK RP and its connected affiliates. You understand that submitting this Whitelist Application does not guarantee you will be allowed in the server. Please be sure to read all the server rules before submitting this Whitelist Application. Checking your above answers before submitting to clear any typos, misprints, grammatical errors, and that the above statements are truthful. If you are allowed into THe WaCKPaCK RP you are considered to be on a probationary period. If you agree to all of the above terms and have reviewed your application then please select "Agree" or if not you May "Decline".

What kind of Character do you want to Roleplay ?

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