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(12)12. Maximum Imprisonment

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Title 12. Code Policy

Statute Summary

  1. A person cannot be imprisoned for longer than 20 minutes despite the number of charges on this individual exceeding a 20 minute penalty, unless said sentence is approved by a Justice of the Courts of San Andreas, or by the Governor of San Andreas.

  2. A person who cannot be effectively identified shall be imprisoned for 20 minutes until they can be properly identified or they fulfill the 20 minute imprisonment. If they are identified, the total time served will be deducted from the time due, with immediate release if they fulfill more than the total time. A person released with more time spent in prison than their charges yield is not subject to excessive or wrongful imprisonment

  3. At the Governor’s discretion, an individual who commits a felony may qualify for death row status, yielding permanent imprisonment until their execution can be carried out by the Warden of the Correctional Facility, unless the Governor issues a pardon.

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