At 4pm on the 08/23/2020 the LSPD & BCSO with assistance from Gruppe 6 set off from Paleto transporting highly sensitive materials, it is unknown what these "highly sensitive materials" were but we can be sure they were important. The police had put many hours into planning the route, which vehicles would be in the escort & the order of them, we were able to get one photo of the police preparing the escort.

The company which was assisting with the transport "Gruppe 6" is an armoured truck company which specialises in transporting objects of monetary value between banks they had never worked with the police before, it is unknown how much money they were paid for the job.

Problems occurred quickly, they had forgotten to fuel up the truck so they had to stop for fuel at Paleto gas station and while they were fuelling their vehicles multiple cars started driving around watching them and continued to watch them as the escort continued down Great Ocean Highway past Pops Diner.

They had to pull over on Panorama drive for an unknown reason when seven cars showed up and began setting up in different locations watching them when the escort took off again all seven black vehicles followed, it was clear they were up to something sinister, while on San Andreas Ave suddenly multiple semi-trucks with gasoline trailers blocked the path of the escort, the occupants of the semis suddenly jumped out and opened fire on the convoy with class 3's, the main escort vehicle took heavy damage and lost most of its tires luckily it was able to reach the destination with 0 injured officers.

At the destination the cops prepared for the biggest fight of their lives they strategically parked their vehicles so they could use them as cover in the siege to come, while the police were staging one of the Gruppe 6 employees stole from the convoy he was apprehended just as the suspects came in with 2 semi-trucks connected to gasoline tankers and rammed all the police vehicles then they blew up the tankers, multiple shooters were set up around the oil field to open fire at the same time on the police, one of the suspects were able to sneak into Air-1 and take off stealing the helicopter and using the spotlight to find and blind officers, a Pounder truck came in and attempted to ram the officers again but he was unsuccessful and got dispatched quickly.

The fight continued with no end in sight many officers and criminals getting fatally injured, after a 30-minute siege the police were forced to pull out and live another day, the EMS were able to save everyone's life not that it was an easy job with over a dozen people injured.

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