At 5:30 pm EST yesterday there was a court case between the BCSO (Mikey Davidson) and Anthony Red (AT), we had one of our reporters on the scene to get photos and statements from all parties involved.

Everyone was required to be patted down outside of the courthouse before entering for the safety of everyone.

Once everyone was patted down they entered the courthouse and took their seats if anyone was wearing a mask the bailiff Sergeant Gat Gavras would request they take it off or be in contempt of court.

As the court case began the Judge was giving us all an introduction when Captain Jean Baptise interrupted the judge and requested a 5-minute recess which was granted, it started off looking like the police were not prepared for this case.

During the recess, our reporter was given exclusive access to interview Judge Max Mercury, we started asking him "how do you think this case will go." his response "Based off the body cam I perused over prior to the case Mikey Davidson has a lot of explaining to do on his part the PD are looking at a very hefty lawsuit right now.", our second question was "what made you pursue a career in the DOJ and leave the PD." his response "I felt like the DOJ was lacking an active Judge so I decided hey I've been in the PD a long time I know my way around the DOJ." at this point the interview was cut short as the recess was over.

Back in the courtroom, the Judge finishes what he was attempting to say earlier before asking Anthony Red (AT) what he is pursuing in this case, Anthony's response (I think you should be able to see most of the charges on your side but I think the main charge will be the intent to murder obviously we are going to talk later on about what exactly happened but the intent to murder is the primary charge I will be pursuing today.", Mercury says "You have also listed here emotional damages and bodily harm damages.", Anthony says "All that will be provided throughout the case and the sum of money I'm looking for is 2 million."

Moving on the Judge asks Mikey Davidson how he pleads his response "The police department pleads not guilty also can we get a break down of this 2 million just for our records going forward, what is being sought for what.", The judge replies "100% we will get to that."

Next, we move to the opening statements with the prosecution going first AT says "I'm pretty sure most everyone in this room knows who I am and I don't need to introduce myself but I will anyway my name is Anthony Red obviously today I'm bringing Mikey Davidson to court about an incident that happened 19 days ago where I was in his custody being transported obviously I did commit a crime can't change that but while in his custody Mr Davidson was a little reckless on the way to Mission Row Police Department and actually had a collision with another vehicle which sent me flying out the window because he didn't buckle me in at the time he was wearing black Air Force Ones I made a joke about him stomping me out in them next thing you know he did, I don't have anything else to say.

The judge calls for Mikey Davidson opening statement and he says "So on or around 9th of august 19 days ago as Mr Red said we responded to a bank robbery afterwards we were transporting two individuals seated here before us back down to Mission Row Police Department and our officers were tired they were exhausted they had just been in a long shootout they were hurting they had just been shot so our officers were tired one of our officers driving these two individuals accidentally had a collision Mr Red wasn't wearing his seat belt and was ejected we went out and requested EMS, when EMS arrived they came up behind startled me and caused me to trip and step on Mr Reds arm not face as clearly seen in the footage that this court will be shown today and this is nothing more then a witch hunt and a chase for easy cash and I think we will prove that today thank you, your honour."

After Mikey Davidson's opening statement the prosecution calls their star witness Jordan Passerni (JP), the bailiff swears him in before any questions are asked, once the bailiff is finished Mr Red begins asking the witness some questions starting with "On the 9th 19 days ago can you give me a run down what exactly happened that day" Jordan's response "Yeah I'm pretty sure we took Mr Jean Baptise hostage and went up to Paleto and attempted to rob the bank, attempted! we didn't get any money from it, failed killed the hostage ended up in a big shootout we tried to stab the cops ended up getting apprehended by the police department, while in cuffs I think it was Samuel Grahams and Mikey Davidsons custody at the time they proceeded to take us down to Mission Row Police Department at high rates of speed in their vehicle they had a big collision my friend AT went flying out of the window and was badly hurt from that collision as soon as we pulled over they called for EMS luckily they were just around the corner heading back from Paleto Mr Mikey Davidson pointed out to Mr Graham said hey look what's over there and pointed up in the sky then he proceeded to kick my good friend AT multiple times in the face it had caused him great harm to his face as you can probably see I know he was probably very upset about the whole thing I was scared for my life at that time that they were going to beat us up as we got to Mission Row Police Department then EMS arrived and helped out AT and we proceeded to head back down to Mission Row Police Department." Anthony says "I don't believe I have any more questions, Jordan says "I'd like to point out he was wearing some Nike shoes." We have a picture of ATs face with bandages on so you can take a look for yourself at the damages.

Next, Mikey Davidson questioned Mr Passerni this is what Mikey said: "Mr Passerni you said you claimed I kicked your friend three or four times is that what you said?" Jordan's response "I said a couple of times multiple times I didn't see the first couple of kicks as I was facing back." Mikey asks "Were you facing backwards?" the response "Pretty sure I was then I turned around." Next, Mikey says "Your friend here has always claimed he was stomped on he's never claimed he was kicked on multiple times." Jordan's response "Kicked stomped same thing." Mike then says "It's not he says he was stomped on once but you're claiming he was kicked multiple times in the face it seems like if your a star witness you would have the same story correct?" Jordan says "It was a long time ago," Mikey says "Is it possible Mr Passerni that you are exaggerating to get him more money?" Jordan replies "No as I'm not getting the money I care about my own money." Mikey says "Why then do your stories differ so much?" Jordan replies "They don't." at this time Anthony steps in with an objection and says "My witness was involved in a crash and his memory might not be the best." Mikey says "If that's your objection how is your witnesses story..." Anthony interrupts saying "Like I said the evidence will suffice for this whole case." Mikey says "But you already called him as your star witness." The judge says "I will take note of it but I want the witness to continue." Mikey starts to question the witness again "So you remember myself and Samuel Graham were driving you to Mission Row Police Department correct?" Jordan replies "At high rates of speed yes." Mikey says "So you remember us driving you to Mission Row Police Department you remember the vehicle crashing now you said we were driving at high rates of speed now you've been arrested since and before then haven't you Mr Passerni?" Jordan replies "Multiple times yes." Mikey says "Is it pretty standard for them to use their lights and sirens to drive you to Mission Row Police Department." Jordan's response "Lights and sirens but exceeding that kind of speed is not always necessary is it." Mikey says "You were in the backseat handcuffed were you able to see the speedometer from back there?" Jordan replies "Negative I just saw all the rocks passing by at very high rate of speed. Mikey says "I can tell you the speed limit on the highway is 90mph right?" Weazel News did our own research it is actually 80mph, Anthony comes in with another objection saying "What does police procedures have to do with the relevance of the questioning." Mikey says "Because at first, he said he knows everything then he said his memory bad but now he can remember everything about the chase I'm just trying to get to the bottom of us to see whether he remembers what happened or not." Judge Mercury says "I'm confused why you're asking him does he know the speed limit he was in the car at the time he sensed that it was going a certain speed he doesn't know whether was going that speed but he could see from outside his window that the car could've been going fast." Mikey says "Mr Passerni after I tripped and stepped on your friend's arm did EMS immediately arrive were they arriving behind me as I tripped?" Jordan responds with "They came right afterwards." Mikey says "Within seconds right?" Jordan says "I can't really remember." Mikey says "Is it possible that if EMS was pulling up directing behind me that they startled or stumbled into me and I tripped into your friend and stepped on his arm?" Jordan responds "I don't think so you pointed up in the sky and told Sammy to look back then you did it, I don't think you got startled." Mikey "You don't think I did but you agree that EMS arrived behind me immediately after." Anthony comes in with another objection saying "He is leading my witness." Mikey says "He was the one who brought up EMS in the first place okay. about how long after your friend was stepped on would you say EMS arrived?" Jordan responds "10 seconds." Mikey says "We will take a look at that when we take a look at the footage I've got no further questions."

Moving on the Judge asks "Would either of you like to question the other individual or would you like to move on?" Anthony responds "Says he would like to question Mr Davidson." Mikey Davidson steps on the stand and gets questioned by Anthony, the first question from Anthony is "You said you were startled correct?" Mikey says "Yep." Anthony says "Can you note that down for later your honour. Mr Davidson in the line of duty would you say you get startled a lot." Mikey responds "I wouldn't say you get startled a lot but you are on high alert frequently if not always." Anthony asks "How long have you been working for the police department?" Mikey responds "Since he came back from the DOJ so in total about a month and a half so about 45 days." Anthony asks "In the span of your employing would you say you have been startled again with any other suspects." Mikey responds "Like as in have I been startled and tripped over a suspect again or have I just been startled?" Anthony says "Just in general." Mikey responds "Once or twice I'd say I've been startled like ambushes we weren't expecting. When I say startled I'd like to point out startled is not scared startled is a jump scare you know like an impulsive reaction." Anthony says "So you're telling me that EMS with their sirens and lights is enough to scare you." Mikey responds "It wasn't the lights and sirens it was him running up behind me. We had just gotten out of an intense shootout it was highly likely and possible that someone was coming to interfere with us taking the suspects to jail." Anthony says "You didn't hear any lights or sirens?" Mikey says "I don't know how you can hear lights." Anthony rephrases his question "You didn't hear any sirens or see any lights?" Mikey says "I was not focused on that at the time I was focused on you and the other suspect we had two suspects on the side of the road with no vehicle." Anthony says "That is all I have for questioning, your honour."

Next, Mikey questions Anthony the first question was "Do you have any medical records of your injuries, treatment anything like that?" Anthony responds "I do not as I currently don't have health insurance due to the circumstance of me not having a steady job." Mikey says "So you have not gone to the emergency room and received free treatment?" Anthony responds "I have not as the free treatment is actually not free." Mikey says "I'm pretty sure one of our EMS is on duty and I could call one to the stand that they do not charge, continuing on you have not seen a doctor verify what actually happened to your face at all." Anthony responds "I have not because once again I do not have insurance." Mikey says "Are you a medical expert can you diagnose yourself?" Anthony responds with "Do I look like a medical expert to you." Mikey says "I don't assume." Anthony says "I'm curious if this question is related to anything." Mikey says "You claim to have these injuries and yet we have not medical records statements from doctors claiming that these injuries..." Anthony pulls off his bandages and says "Have you looked at my face." Mikey says "I have but I don't see how when I tripped and stepped on your arm that caused your face to peel what I'm saying is that there are no doctors corroborating that this came from blunt force trauma, it could've been self-inflicted this could've been from another incident entirely maybe you were up in the mountains and a cat attacked you what I'm saying is there is no medical proof that this is from blunt force trauma from stepping on your head is that correct would you agree with me?" Anthony says "I would not agree with you." Mikey says "You would not agree we have no medical proof that." Anthony says "That wasn't the question you asked." Mikey says "Would you agree that we have no medical proof corroborating what your injury was caused by." Anthony says "I agree but if you got one up here today to examine me they would say something is clearly wrong with my face." Mikey says "I mean anybody could tell you something is wrong with your face I mean it doesn't take a doctor but I don't think 19 days after an incident could be able to say this is from a boot. After seen by the EMS there did they not recommend you go see a doctor regularly follow up when your skin started peeling." Anthony says "Once again I do not have insurance how would I see a doctor." Mikey says "Once again I will remind you that our EMS and Doctors don't charge," Anthony says "They charge about $2500 at the pillbox." Mikey says "For a local doctor but what about our doctors that are in town?" Anthony says "Would you like to call a doctor right now or better yet is there a doctor in this room?" Mikey says "There is at least an EMS in the room I don't know if he is doctor qualified." Mikey asks "Have you ever been charged by the EMS?" Anthony responds "I have actually." Mikey asks "Is it a regular occurrence for our EMS to charge." Anthony says "They do charge me for the ambulance, that is a common thing." Mikey says "Have you had any physical altercation since the night?" Anthony responds with "No physical no." Mikey requests a five-minute recess to check the MDT.

During this five-minute recess, we were able to continue the interview with the judge we asked if had his on anyone for the DA position he said "I'm currently seeking someone for the DA position." next we asked him if he wanted to say to the residents he said: "I'd like to let them know there is a judge around town now need any bench trials warrants for those criminals PD treating you bad I got you bruh."

After the five-minute recess we return to Mikey Davidson questioning Anthony Red, Mikey says "You said you have not been in any physical altercation since the incident on the 9th." Anthony responds with "Nope." Mikey says "I'd like to present your honour report number #4387, Mr Red do you remember being arrested for a 24/7 robbery the very next day the 10th." Anthony says "What's the relevance of this to the case." Mikey says "You were shot and incapacitated you were in another altercation, do you remember the 24/7 robbery committed by your self on the 10th." Anthony says "I do not remember." Mikey says "On the 10th of August you were arrested after attempting to rob the Little Seoul gas station and firing shots at officers the officers returned fire and you were incapacitated." Anthony says "I do not see the relevance of this." Mikey says "You claim you were in no altercations yet I have this police record saying you were." Anthony says "If I was shot I would surely receive medical attention would I not." Mikey says "You would also receive it for your face peeling off would you not." Anthony says "There's a difference this I have to take care of this personally but wouldn't the PD take care of the medical bills if I was shot." Mikey says "Yes they would've paid to get you back up on your feet." Anthony says "Well then where is the medical record." Mikey says "I'm not a doctor I don't know where they keep medical records so Mr Red is it not possible that the very next you get shot and that led to an infection which caused your skin to peel off?" Anthony says "I do not recall being shot and if you don't have medical records saying I was shot I would say that was not me and you falsely convicted someone." Mikey says "As I said I have the police report and they got your id and sentenced you Anthony Red." Judge jumps in and says "There is no evidence attached to the report so it will be thrown out." Mikey says "You were ejected from the vehicle at high speeds on the 9th." Anthony says "Yes that's how I ended up on the floor where you stomped on my head." Mikey "Where I tripped and stepped on your arm, is it not at all possible your face made contact with the ground and this is road rash from being ejected from the vehicle?" Anthony "That's up for a medical professional to decide." Mikey says "You keep asking for a medical professional but you never went to a doctor once, you'd think you were going to sue for 2 million dollars you'd want to get one doctor to say yeah someone stepped on you." The judge jumps in and says "This has been asked and answered" Mikey says "I have not further questions."

The judge says "We will now be going over the evidence provided by the state." At this time a three-minute recess was called for all parties to review the evidence.

After the recess, we turned to the prosecution to talk about the evidence this is what Anthony Red had to say "As you can see in the body cam footage Mr Davidson is seen there with I believe that is Samuel Graham if I remember correctly during that time I am on the floor from the car crash as stated earlier I required medical attention on the floor and I noticed Mikey Davidson was wearing black air force ones and me being a guy who spends most of his time on Facebook looking at memes and stuff like that I decided to crack a joke to brighten the mood at that time Mr Davidson said to his fellow officer Mr Graham hey look over there and just shortly after you can see him turn to look at the ems so he was not startled and proceed to stomp on me and if you have that note from earlier on you can see him say it was a muscle spasm." Mikey Davidson says "I was told not to bring that up in court so I didn't, they told me I had to formulate a defence not using that so it is irrelevant." Anthony continues "As you can see he was not startled he clearly seen the EMS she was coming up to treat me then he did it within the time frame of telling Mr Graham to look the other way I don't believe he did not look the other way if Mr Graham was here today he could give a pretty good testimony shortly after stomping on me he is laughing giggling about it and that's about it, your honour."

The judge then calls Mikey Davidson to speak about the evidence this is what he said "As seen in this video I would first like to point out this witness who's story did not match Mr Reds their star witness Mr Passerini was facing the incident the entire time, they also said I could not be startled by the EMS it was upwards of 10 seconds after the incident occurred but I would like to point out she arrived as it happened she was coming up behind me I'd also like to point out you can clearly see that Mr Red is on the ground from the vehicle incident barely conscious from a motor vehicle collision at a high rate of speed and being ejected so his memory and recollection of this incident is questionable at best based off his consciousness so I think based off that and that Mr Passerni was watching and couldn't corroborate the story and the EMS clearly coming up from behind me seconds after the incident occurred it is clear there was zero intent to harm the individual I've never been accused or intentionally caused harm to a suspect prior or since you can clearly see it was an accident and his arm was stepped on not his face."

The judge then says "From this point, we will move to closing statements so if the prosecution would like to move to their closing statement if they have one."

Anthony steps up to give his clothing statement and says "I'm not really sure how this works so I'm just going to give this as a general statement to the audience, you have seen the evidence even if I do not win I'd like this to be public knowledge I'd request if maybe that the honour leaves it up to a Jury." the judge says "I will not be leaving it up to a jury, Mikey you can now come up."

Mikey begins his closing statement "In my closing remarks I would like to point out that I think all evidence and testimony has clearly shown there was no intent by myself or Samuel Graham when driving to cause harm to this individual that this was merely a case of accidental stepping on this individual's arm there was never intended or maleficence on either officer's part that the PD is held to a high standard and would intentionally cause harm to an individual especially when he was already cuffed and barley conscious I'd also like to remind the court and your honour all evidence brought forward today that the testimonies and statements brought forward today could not be kept straight and are not matching that's all I got."

The judge called another 5-minute recess while he deliberated. We spoke to Mikey Davidson during the recess and asked him how he was feeling after presenting his case his response "I feel like we presented a strong case I wish nothing but the best for Mr Red and a speedy recovery from whatever caused that incident but I think we have seen today there is no evidence of where that is from or what caused it I wish him nothing but the best and a speedy recovery.

During the recess, a man in a red suit began a brawl with Captain Jean Baptise luckily the Captain of the LSPD dealt with him quickly.

After 5 minutes the judge came back to the courtroom to deliver the verdict, Mikey Davidson was found not guilty of intent to murder but will be required to take a week of anger management classes and Anthony Red received 300K for the damages many people began to clap in the courtroom.

Outside the courtroom, we were able to interview Mikey Davidson again to see how he was feeling after the case this is what he had to say "I was found not guilty of intent to murder there was no intent and as I said earlier I wish him nothing but a speedy recovery from whatever caused the injury, don't do drugs and stay in school.

We were also able to interview Mr Anthony Red, this is what he had to say "I won $300,000 everyone won in the end Mr Davidson got a promotion for his excellent police work I obviously got money because he was in the wrong in some shape or form not as much as I planned to get not near the 2 million all's well that ends well."


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