Mid-day on 28/08/2020 Deputy Kyle Dwyer "Afro Cop" was mugged by a Maverick Miller at Vinewood Ammunation, we don't know the exact details but what we do know is that when Mr Miller fled he either ran over or shot one man, we had a reporter on scene to get photos, be aware the following photos are difficult to look at.

The officers stayed on scene while they radioed the other officers to be on the lookout for a white Demonhawk owned by Maverick Miller.

Our reporter tried to get statements from the officers but they left the scene rather quickly as another officer had located Maverick Miller, our reporter followed and what we saw was a traffic stop with the officers aiming lethal weapons at Mr Miller

We were able to hear one of the two men shout from the Demonhawk "What did I do" after the officers told Mr Miller to exit the vehicle, he said "What did I do" many more times before fleeing from the police, Miller led the police on a long pursuit going from Del Pero Freeway to Great Ocean Highway leading to Paleto Bay where the suspect was rammed by the police.

Just after the suspects were rammed the police opened fire but the suspects were able to continue driving away, at this point our reporter was no longer able to follow and we could not see whether the suspect escaped or if he was caught.

We will attempt to reach out to the police to see if they can give a statement regarding this pursuit and how it ended, we will keep you updated in the comments of this article.

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