Early morning on the 13th of September a suspicious videotape was abandoned on the doorstep of the Weazel News Station when we played the tape we immediately knew who had left it... The Resistance!

After previous attempts to dismantle the government entities in late 2019, they’re striking back. Previous attempts to kill governors, the Mayor and the commissioner of the SASP ending in an abomination of shootings, murders, and an enormous amount of lying from acting commissioner Mason King. King put his badge on the government entities and the whole city was relying on him and his department to keep Los Santos safe. Although no fatalities happened the Mayor was taken hostage and hospitalised after a long negotiation at the top of a 200 ft crane. Previously they seemed to target the government entities which disbanded shortly after the resistance targeted them. It is believed that this is due to the stress and fear they were put under in December of 2019; Now they are instead targeting the police department directly, it would seem they have singled out specific officers who are considered to be corrupt: Captain Jean Baptise, Commissioner Christopher Collins, Undersheriff Max Mercury and Lieutenant Samuel Graham while they named these officers in the video they did not actually provide any evidence of corrupt acts within the LSPD, BCSO and SAST. The below video shows a shocking masked unnamed individual who goes by “The Chosen One”.

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Presenter Philip Charles Hayton

CEO Jackson Snow

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EIC Daniel Snow

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