A WP Red Dead Redemption Server is Coming Soon!!!

Our Dev Box is Up and Running. 

We are on the forefront of RedM waiting on the next get release to bring to our dev box.

Script Change Log:

Dec 15 2019

  • Dev Box

    • has been setup

  • Queue System

    • has been installed and tested

  • Tokovoip

    • has been installed

      • but freezes game when pressing N to talk. (due to not changing the keybind to a hash?)

  • Ragdoll

    • working

  • No Clip

    • working

  • Starting Cash

    • ​Cash $100.00​
    • not working but will start with money in bank that you can transfer to yourself


Dec 17 2019

  • /Emotes Added 

    • /bank - opens bank

    • /fuck - if you get stuck in bank window

    • /clothing - open clothing menu

    • /loadcloath - loads clothing if lost

    • /ragdoll - ragdoll ur character (type again to get up)

    • /horse - Spawn a horse

    • /revive - Revive your player

    • L - Mod Menu

    • DEL - Admin Menu (Staff Only)

Dec 21 2019

  • You can now rent a horse

  • XP system

  • Inventory system (WIP)

  • Gun store

  • Fixed holes in map (missing buildings / textures)

  • Farming job


Dec 23 2019

  • Horse shop

    • Multiple options based off experience (XP).

      • Call Horse by pressing (H) - If horse is to far press H (3 times) to reset event. Database saves

  • ​Coach Dealer

    • Go to a wagon wheel on the map,

      • press (E) to open menu, select any coach or cart you like to buy. if you lose your vehicle type /callcoach to get it back

Dec 29 2019


    • Peeking through a window. This is done by detecting breakable glass. Which makes this only work on windows on buildings with interiors.

  • Added lockable doors

  • Delivery Job

  • New banking update

Thank you to everyone for the support in TWPRP and RedM

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