Feature Guide

Horses / Wagons


In the horse shop you can buy horses or wagons using gold or cash. you can rotate horses to see them better horse tack items are free since they are just cosmatic you can look at all your horses and select your active horse here

Wagon Interactions

J calls your wagon. You can set the distance which the horse or wagon will spawn from the player in the config. Pressing U near your horse or wagon will give you a menu where you can interact with the horse. You can see its name, open the inventory, dismiss it, or give its ownership to another player. Giving your horse or wagon ownership away to another player means that player owns them. this only works if the other player has empty slots in their stable.

Wagon Inventory

Press U to bring up your Wagon Inventory The Wagon Inventory works for Weapons & Items.


Your Horse can travel to a waypoint on its own. Set your route and while traveling on the route hold down V. (If you are not on the marked path the horse wont take the route)

Horse Bonding

Horses level up when a player interacts with them by leading them, riding them or using items with the above mentioned trigger. The horse items will increase the exp of the horse. Horse trainers gain double the exp for the horses they interact with. Horse training level is consistent and works no matter the rider of the horse.

Horse Levels

Horse levels are a total of 4 just like the base game Each level increases the horse stats Level 1 Is the normal level all horses are spawned naturally in (untrained) Level 2 Allows you to do the rear trick by holding ALT button then pressing Space. if the horse is yours it will do the trick otherwise it will throw you
if your horse is less than level 2 and you try this trick the horse will buck you. Level 3 Allows you to do the drift trick when riding hold CTRL and press space bar and you will drift. Level 4 Allows you to make your horse dance by holding the space button either while standing still or moving. you can move the horse left and right as it dances Horse levels also allow you to do some horse tricks using /commands /horserest and /horsesleep work with level 2. They make the horse sit or sleep. These commands wont work if you are too close to your horse as it will stand up /horsedrink works with level 3 and it will allow your horse to drink water from a river and recover some stamina core. this command will only work if the horse is in water /horsewallow is a cute trick your horse can do at level 4



You can fish from almost anywhere there is water.
All you need is a Fishing Rod & some Bait...
You can buy those at the General Store. Sell the Fish to the Butcher *THIS IS A PUBLIC JOB*

Moonshine Running

You can craft 3 different types of Moonshine at the Clan Camp (The crafting menu will tell you the required ingredients.
Camp Level 7 Required Collect the listed Ingredients and make one of 3 mashs Tropical Punch Mash
Wild Cider Mash
Apple Crumble Mash Once you have your Mash and the other Required Ingredients you can make one of 3 Moonshine Recipes: Tropical Punch Moonshine
Wild Cider Moonshine
Apple Crumble Moonshine These can then be sold somewhere..... *THIS IS AN ILLEGAL PUBLIC JOB*

Horse Trainers

Horsetrainer is a Player Job that all actions done by a trainer on a horse will increase the horse exp by double the normal rate of everyone else.

Horsetrainers can have more horse in their Inventory allowing them to become a horse dealer of sort.

They can also charge other players to train their horse for them.

Movie Theater

There are 4 different Movie Theaters around the Map. These are ran by someone with the theater job. There is only a select amount of show to play (Hoping to expand in the future) *THIS IS A WHITELISTED JOB*


There is a Bountyhunting Job in most towns at the Sheriff Station. Kill the NPCs to collect the bounty *THIS IS A PUBLIC JOB*


Just collect animals and bring them to the ButcherShop location is many towns. Animals are sold for Cash, Meat and other items. *THIS IS A PUBLIC JOB*


There is two mines location around the Map, however only one is listed on the Map Legend. The Hidden Mine has extra items to be found. Requires a Pick-Axe - sold at the General Store *THIS IS A PUBLIC JOB*

Post Office

There is a Post Office job in each main town. Follow the markers to deliver the package with the wagon provided. Return the Wagon at the end of the job. *THIS IS A PUBLIC JOB*


You can plant Tobacco, Sugar Cane and Corn You can plant anywhere, just use the seed. PLANTS ARE NOT SYNCED TO THE SERVER They will despawn on Server Reboot Seeds found at the General Shop
Requires a Watering Can Chance of getting between 1-4 Plants when harvesting
Harvested Plants can then be sold at the Shops, through RP or used to craft items *THIS IS A PUBLIC JOB*


You can rob graves in Valentine Cemetery Requires a Pickaxe You can sell the items to the fence *This is an ILLEGAL PUBLIC JOB*


Housing System

We are currently waiting for a Premium Housing script that is almost ready for release. More info will come once it is released



Daniel Brothers
- Billy Daniels
- Trent Daniels
Fence We will purchase almost ANYTHING we can get our hands on and pay more than the General Store. Come find us for the best deals. (Frequent in: Blackwater & Valentine)

General Shop

The General Shop in towns is the main place to buy and sell most things.

Here you can buy Farming supplies, Pickaxes, Goldpans, Watercans, Horse Care items and Medicine.
Here you can also sell the products made from most jobs. However you can sell these items to the Daniel Brothers, if you can find them ;)


Weapon Shops

We have WeaponShops in almost everytown. Here you will find a large selection of weapons as well as ammo. After you purchase a weapon, use it in your inventory for it to appear in your weapon wheel.
Use the Manage Weapons menu section to buy ammo for your weapons.

Character Creation

Multi Character

You have 2 Characters, each with separate Money, Horses, Housing and Inventory When you click DELETE it will ask you if you are sure. IF YOU DELETE YOUR CHARACTER, WE HAVE NO WAY OF GIVING THAT STUFF BACK

Clothing Stores

There are many Clothing Stores around the Map, all of them are listed on the Map Legend (ESC) Here you can Create and Save new outfits Delete Outfits.


There are many Barbershops around the City, all of them are listed on the Map Legend (ESC) This is where you can get a new hair style or change your Facial Hair.

Clothing Menu

There is a Clothing Menu to take part of your outfit on and off Press DEL to open the menu


Bank Branches

​Banks are listed on the Map

You can Deposit & Withdraw Cash & Gold.
Note: If you Deposit in one bank, you can NOT Withdraw it at any other bank but the one where you made the deposit.

Currency Exchange

There is a Currency Exchange located in the Bank in Saint Denis. 1 Gold = $100

Poker ~ Texas Holdem'

You can now Play Poker (Texas Hold 'em) in the Blackwater Saloon. You need to have $10 Cash to sit at a table
6 Players MAX Big Blind is $0.50

Fort Wallace Heist

There is a Heist at Fort Wallace Requires Lockpicks


Food & Drinks

Your Hud Hunger & Thirst shows you your current levels

When it gets low you need to purchase Food and Drinks from Shops around the map.
But remember to keep some extra food and drinks on you so you don't run out.

Cigars, Cigarettes & Marijuana Cigarettes

Cigars & Cigarettes are avalible from the General Stores. Use them to consume them. You can roll Cigars, Cigarettes and Marijuana Cigarettes Find the right barrel to roll on and make sure you have the Required supplies.


Horse Storage

Walk up to your horse and press U

Through this menu you can store items and weapons on your horse.