Golden Rules


TWPRP has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards toxicity/toxic behavior on all its platforms. 


  • Respecting Other People 

    • There is ZERO Tolerance for any sort of Slavery Allowed.

    • Everybody RPs differently. Don’t dictate how someone else should roleplay just because you would do something or handle a situation differently than they would.

    • Remember to be open minded with other people’s characters and roleplay. Some of the best characters come from people playing off the uniqueness of other people’s roleplay.

    • If for whatever reason you are not comfortable or feel an RP situation is not for you, you always have the option to walk away. 

      • This is for the guys who think its ok to SIMP on girls.

      • Respect everyone as you want to be respected.

      • If it is obvious a person or people do not want to roleplay with you, do not force your RP onto them. There will always be someone else in the city that you can find that will roleplay with you.

    • Remember that people are playing a character. Some people are nothing like their characters. Don’t assume a character’s negative qualities are applicable to the person behind the character.

  • Metagaming – Using information acquired through illegitimate means to benefit your character. You CAN NOT use the information that you obtained outside of the city via a stream, discord, or any other means to your characters advantage at any time. 

    • This includes information about other characters, locations of hidden items, events that have taken place, and more.

    • Using third party communication during an interaction to spread information such as discord calls.

      • You must be deafened while in active RP.​

    • Using information learned by one of your characters to benefit another character you play who didn’t learn it themselves

    • You may not use the /do to gain info of the other players name if you never heard/knew the name in game prior.

      • This also applies to passing someone an item and using the name as a form of identifying an individual.

    • You can NOT identify someone who is wearing Mask by their voice alone.

      • Do NOT assume someone is who you think they are because of their voice alone.

  • Powergaming – Roleplaying in ways that are unrealistic to your character as well as abusing game mechanics to gain an advantage for your character.

    • Not roleplaying injuries and character limitations. (an old man shouldn’t move like a super athlete – nor should someone who just got shot or helped up)

    • Not using /me for things others around you should notice. (injuries, blood stains, etc)

    • Ignoring the /do actions of others.

    • Dropping evidence such as drugs while cuffed.

    • Passing drugs or Weapons to someone when your “Knocked-out / Downed”.

    • If an RP scenario leads to one of the parties dying, the scenario should end there.

      • There is no need to drag the dead bodies or left over hostages for more rp. ​​

        • They have no way of actually RP'ing with you at that point.

    • Torturing someone and then killing them.

      • One or the other. Be a good and fair roleplayer.​

    • Using healing mechanics mid combat

      • Taking Weed

  • Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) – Attacking/Downing another player using a vehicle without any prior roleplay/story building up to it. You can use a Vehicle to defend yourself.

  • Random Deathmatch (RDM) – Attacking/Downing another player without any prior roleplay/story building up to it 

    • If the story and build up have already taken place at an earlier time, no initiation is required at the time of the attack (be smart – weak reasons will not be tolerated). See “Shoot on Sight” Rules below.

  • No Value of Life (NVL) - Not realistically fearing for your character’s life when you are threatened with weapons or severe physical harm

    • If you fail to value your life, you will be expected to put your character on Bed Rest for a period of time

  • Combat Logging – Quitting the game to avoid an interaction or losing your items.

  • Breaking Character – Going out of character verbally or through in game chat at any time is prohibited.

      • Do not refer to rules while in the city.

      • Do not actively call out “Fail RP” while in a situation. Finish the RP to the best of your ability and use the proper avenues to report it.

      • Avoid phrases such as “in my head” instead say “I gotta think about something”

      • If you must express something to those around you in an out of character manner, please use /ooc in the global chat.

    • Please finish the RP situation and bring anything regarding FAIL-RP to a Support Ticket. Remember, sometimes situations don’t always go as planned, please try your best to RP out any situation even if there is a game glitch or others around you break character.

      • Typing /ooc about you problem is not an effective way of addressing the situation.

      • If you require a Staff Member start a Support Ticket by DM’ing the @SupportBot on Discord.

  • Fail RP

    • You are not allowed to shoot / kill someone without proper interaction & engagement.

      • The person you are shooting needs to know they are in combat before you kill them.

      • Either by verbally stating your intentions, hinting at your intentions or shooting a warning shot.

      • This means that using ur scope to put down cops or criminals from 10 miles away is not allowed

    • Continuing to play on a character you chose to perma is fail rp

    • Suicide RP is FAIL-RP.

      • If you kill yourself through suicide you will be KICKED and given a written warning.

      • Same goes if you ATTEMPT Suicide.

      • If you want to stop playing that character SEND HIM ON A TRIP.

      • IF you want to kill him involve as many people as possible and make it a big thing to stream and RP for lots of people.

  • Third Party Roleplay

    • There is NO vigilantism allowed.

    • You can NOT interject yourself in someone else Roleplay.

      • It does not matter if your friends are getting robbed and you want to help them.

    • You are not allowed to inject urself into an rp scenario u were not part of from the start in terms of criminal stuff.

      • If the valentine shop is getting robbed and your friend is a hostage inside you cant stand on a roof top and snipe the robbers.

      • If your friends are robbing a store and their getting shot down by cops you're not to randomly run up and kill all the cops.

  • Exploiting

    • Use of any mod menu or exploit will result in a ban without warning.

  • Corruption

    • Corruption roleplay below the federal level for any political and law enforcement position first needs to be approved by an Administrator+.

    • Write out a storyline and submit it to the SupportBot.​

      • If it is not approved, you may not roleplay as a corrupt individual, and caught doing so will result in one of the punishments listed:

        • Fired.​

        • Temp Ban.

        • Perm Ban.



  • DO NOT @Mention or DM the Staff.

    • We love the community but we have a lot to maintain, We also like to RP as well.

    • Remember, our staff is made up of volunteers, which means they have lives outside of the city. Please remember to be patient when waiting for staff to respond to your concerns or questions.

  • Use the @SupportBot for Issues or Questions.

  • Do NOT ask about your whitelist application, city worker application or ban appeals. All information explaining the application process is located on the application form.

  • We all like to joke around, but there needs to be a line.

  • No Sexist or Racist comments (the server must be friendly).

  • No one likes to act surprised, so let’s leave the In-Game conversations In-Game, getting someones genuine reaction is far better.



  • Server Bugs should be brought to the SupportBot in Discord

    • If you are Stuck in a building or somewhere you can’t get out use /report and explain what happened

  • RDM / VDM

    • If you have the Player ID Number of the person(s) use /report and give them the ID number and explain what happened.

    • If you are recording or streaming, you can send a clip into the SupportBot for the Staff Team to Review.

  • Reporting RDM / VDM  

    • Video Evidence is REQUIRED to submit a SupportBot Ticket on Discord.

      • Otherwise it’s “He said, She said” and there is only so much the staff can do.

    • Video must include the Audio and Video of NOT only the incident but the actions leading up to it. 

      • Video Clip should be no less than 5 minutes.

        • We would prefer one Video Clip.

          • However Multiple Twitch Clips is Acceptable as long as they overlap to ensure its the same situation.


  • The Discord Lobby is NOT for you to VENT about a recent situation.

    • If you have a complaint or question about something DM the SupportBot

  • Issues/concerns MUST be DM’d to the @Supportbot.

    • If someone is Fail-RPing send in a SupportBot Ticket in discord with video evidence.

Police Interaction




  • ​No matter what Character you are Roleplaying, you should NOT be acting Toxic toward the Officer

    • Remember, the officers are real people behind the screen just trying to roleplay and have fun.

    • A little back and forth and a little swearing is ok.

      • Screaming over your mic and name calling is NOT Quality Roleplay

Cop Killing:

  • You can ONLY Roleplay Hunting Down a Cop for:

    • A long ongoing RP

    • The Cop has to agree to the RP.

  • You can NOT kill or hunt a cop because:

    • They arrested you or someone you know.

    • They offended you or someone you know.

    • They shoot you down in a previous situation.

    • etc.


Being Detained:

  • If you are Hogtied, you can NOT break-free UNLESS:

    • You are left alone for 2+ minutes.​

    • The all the Police are Knocked-Out.

    • A member of your Crew takes you away from the active scene and roleplays cutting you free.

Voice Chat


  • Having a good quality microphone is very important in Roleplay.

    • No one wants to hear someone who sounds like they are in a bathroom or using ear buds.

  • You must use a mic at all times in the city.

    • You Must be using push to talk.

    • You should be on SHOUT for normal roleplay.

    • You MUST be on SHOUT for any interaction with any group or Police/EMS/DoT/DoJ.

  • Screaming into your MIC is NOT Allowed.

    • No group calls while RolePlaying.

      • If you are caught in a Discord Call during an RP situation you may be BANNED. Do Not Meta or Power Game !!!!

  • NO Playing Music through your microphone if your Not HOSTING an EVENT.

In Game Chat

  • The In-Game Chat is NOT to be used as a chatroom.

  • All In-Game Chat must be in English.


  • is for asking a simple question ooc.


  • Is for explaining an action you can't do physically.

  • Everyone around you can see and use this information.

    • Do NOT use the name in /do if you are unaware of the identity of the person beforehand. This will be considered Metagaming.


  • Is for expressing a thought or feeling.

  • This information is not to be used in the game, and it will be considered meta gaming if you do something regarding seeing the /me if it does not pertain to you and the other person(s) involved in the RP situation,

    • ​ONLY EMS or POLICE will use this information if you are “Down” and want to RP being more injured.



  • Are from the Owners & Admins

    • Do NOT reply to them.


  • Are from business owners to advertise when they are opening or an event etc.

  • This system is for Businesses ONLY.

  • These are logged, if you are caught abusing the advertisement system, you may be subject to punitive measures.

Jail & Fine Msgs

  • Ignore these msgs. You are not allowed to respond to or use this information.

Kick Msgs

  • Ignore these msgs. You are not allowed to respond to or use this information.

New Life Rule​


  • Once you are revived, you don't remember the events leading up to you being downed for the NEXT 30 MINUTES.​

Local Doctor / Respawn

  • Taking the Local means pressing "E" to respawn.

  • Once you respawn, you don't remember the events leading up to you being downed.


  • Dumping a body should be used it end an ongoing situation.

    • City-Workers can't be dumped (Marshals-Sheriffs-Doctos).

Knocked Out

  • When you are knocked out you're NOT dead, you are just injured.



  • You can NOT force someone to kill off their Character. This is considered powergaming!

    • Unless they have agreed beforehand (i.e. Gang related blood pacts).

Criminal / Outlaw Character Rules

Even if your 

Gangs Member Limits

  • 4 People from your Crew involved in an RP situation.

    • Police Interactions

    • Gang Interactions


Criminal Character Rules

  • No Robbing, Kidnapping or Dumping of Police or Doctors.

  • No Robberies or Crimes committed after the 30 Minute Reboot Warning Msg

  • Torturing someone and then killing them.

    • One or the other.

    • Be a good and fair roleplayer.

  • Follow the New-Life rule.

  • Each Gang / Crew has their own area to defend.

  • You can not team up with another crew to take on a crew, defeats the purpose of the 4 person rule.

  • You are not allowed to force Perma a character

    • Unless they have agreed beforehand (i.e. Gang related blood pacts).



  • You must have an interaction with someone before you shoot them, unless;

    • In a Gang War

      • Must be agreed upon by both sides.

      • ONLY on a CLANS home Turf

Content Creation



  • Do NOT disrespect the community or anyone in it,

    • The Streamers Chat is up to them to moderate. However they should have Love and Respect for the Server to make it Stop.

      • However if a streamer is being Toxic toward the Community, Server or People in it they will receive a warning from the staff team and if it continues temp bans may be handed out.

    • Remember you are showcasing TWPRP and we want to show a higher level of Roleplay.


  • Everything posted on YouTube is in good fun.

    • Everything on is OOC & should not be used in game.

    • We post videos to showcase great moments and situations experienced throughout the city.

Music Tracks

  • Everything posted on SoundCloud is in good fun.

    • Nothing should be brought into game.

    • These Music Tracks contains information your character did NOT learn in RP and is METAGAMING if you use such information.

Community Rules are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the community members to stay up to date and informed of all rules.

Rule changes will be announced in discord under #redm-updates after they are updated on the site. 

Use your common sense. If we wrote down every single rule, this would be like a bible. When roleplaying, use your head and be creative. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your time !