SaltyChat Installation Instructions

1)    Download and install the latest verison teamspeak
2)    Download the listed SaltyChat plugin for teamspeak
3)    Once downloaded, run the plugin to install it to teamspeak   (TeamSpeak MUST be closed)
4)    Once installed, open teamspeak and connect to the WackPack Teamspeak Server
         a.    IP:
5)    Once connected to the WackPack Teamspeak server.
6)    Configure the following settings in Teamspeak:
7)    Go to hotkeys and create a push to talk hotkey that you will use for regular chatting
9)    Open up RedM and connect to the city.
10)    Once you are in the city, you will automatically be switched to the proper teamspeak channel
11)    Go into your RedM voice settings and DISABLE VOICE CHAT entirely
12)    You should now be all set.

TO TURN OFF PLAYER JOINING / EXITING NOTIFICATIONS ON TEAMSPEAK Tools > Options > Notifications > Sound Pack drop down menu - Sounds Deactivated That sets the TS sounds off permanently.

Additional Info

- Voice range can still be toggled via the key

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