• being toxic on twitch chat/discord/DM's will not be tolerated and may result in a permanent ban depending on the severity. 



  • Abuse of any bugs/glitches may result in a permanent ban.

  • Making a new character to give the previous character money.



  • Using information that you did not obtain in character to influence your characters' actions. 

  • Using discord to communicate.



  • Using any mechanics that are not available in game.

  •  "I smacked you over the head with a gun to knock you out!"

  • “Using radio/phone while handcuffed”

  • “Passing items while cuffed”


Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

  • Using a vehicle to down/kill a player without roleplay

  • You can use a vehicle to kill a player in defense!


Random Deathmatch (RDM)

  • Attacking a player without any prior roleplay/initiation.

  • Doing a drive by without saying a word.


Combat logging

  • Quitting the game to avoid player interaction


Fail RP/No Value of Life (NVL)

  • Roleplaying unrealistically, not fearing for your life when threatened. 


Banned RolePlay

  • Roleplay that is not allowed on TheWackPackRP

  • Rape RP/ Suicide RP

  • Erotic RP - cannot be in public(use a house/motel.), cannot break twitch tos.

  • Torture RP - Must be accepted by the other party, cannot break twitch tos.


  • DO NOT @Mention or DM the Staff.

    • We love the community but we have a lot to maintain, We also like to RP as well.

    • Remember, our staff is made up of volunteers, which means they have lives outside of the city. Please remember to be patient when waiting for staff to respond to your concerns or questions.

  • Use the @SupportBot for Issues or Questions.

  • Do NOT ask about your whitelist application, city worker application or ban appeals. All information explaining the application process is located on the application form.

  • We all like to joke around, but there needs to be a line.

  • No Sexist or Racist comments (the server must be friendly).

  • No one likes to act surprised, so let’s leave the In-Game conversations In-Game, getting someones genuine reaction is far better.


    • if we cant contact someone we cant do our duties as a staff team.

    • Failure to communicate to our requests through the support bot could result in removal from the community.


   Cop Interactions

  • Not every cop interaction needs to be a shootout, if you’re caught speeding act it, you’re not gonna be arrested for going 10mph over the limit. This is really important when cop numbers are low, they’re not gonna be looking for a shoot out every traffic stop.

  • You must have a valid reason to kidnap a cop, just wanting to is not valid (You cannot kidnap a cop who's already rping with a different party)

  • Police officer are not to be killed for the sheer fact to loot them, you must have a valid reason (i.e need medical supplies to keep fighting)

  • Breakouts are not allowed, once they’re inside a police department that's it. ( you cannot use a cop to open doors for you.)

  • Robbing

  • Robbing players constantly is not beneficial to anyone on the server. You need to have a reason. 

  • Chain robbing is not tolerated, take a break, go role-play, act as if the cops are still looking for you.

  • 1 hour between robberies

  • You are not permitted to rob the following 30mins before restart

  • Bank/Vangelcio/Armor Trucks

  • If you have a group you cannot have two parties from your group commit two separate major crimes.

  • You cannot use a fake hostage, go find a real one.


  • You cannot be corrupt as a police officer.

  • This is limited to the following

  • Selling weapons

  • Selling information

  • Selling items

    Perma Death

  • You cannot force someone to perm their character however gangs can have rules set up in place that may override this rule examples are the following 

  • Blood contracts - you pledge your life to said gang leaving without explicit permission might result in death.

    Snitch RP

  • Snitch RP is the override of a blood contract provided by cops

  • The character who snitches on their gang must “survive” protected custody for  no less than two weeks to void the blood contract.

  • During this time the play must be active in the city not just take a two week break, this is to be fair to the gang to try to enact the blood contract

  • Cops must agree to provide protective custody.

  • Any question can be forwarded to the discord support bot!

  • The Gang does not need to be informed, but cops must make an active attempt to charge the gang with the information that was given. 

  • Example, I tell the police the “East Side Ballers leader Matt Pack” murdered Tod Rod they must attempt to make a case, on Matt Pack for murder with the testimoiny of the snitch, after the testimony the two week count down begins.

    Major Crime

  • City banks

  • Jewelry store

  • Armored Truck

  • Drug missions

  • Shoot outs

    Minor Crime

  • House robberies

  • 24/7 stores

  • Robbing players

  • ATM hacking

    Interactions number limits

  • All criminals are limited 4 players in any given interaction

  • Being on gang turf overrides this rule turfs can be found on the turfmap

  • You can have any amount when talking BUT if it turns to a shootout you can only have 4 shooters!

  • All cops are limited to 5 players in any given interaction

  • Shots fired overrides this rule and increases the limit to 7.

  • New Life Rule(NLR) - 

  • Any time your character takes local doctor / respawns

  • You forget all incidents leading up to you going down.


  • Dumping is the act of moving someone to a location to have them respawn

  • This should only be done if you have an ongoing conflict OR a gang war.

  • You must dump the person off ASAP and don't go on a world tour with a body.


  • You cannot camp any location that have a “press E to enter”

  • If you organically catch someone coming out their house is a different story.

  • Don’t campout at locations where you can teleport into another location

    Voice chat

  • In-game voice chat MUST be enabled at all times.

  • If you know your microphone has a lot of background noise use push to talk.

    In game chat

  • We have a number of / commands most are suggested based on spelling 

  • Example /fix will show /fixdead /fixfish

  • /ooc is not to be used to complain and is only to be used as a last resort

  • Example - Hey ID 5 I cannot hear you give me a second to fix.

  • /me is not something required to do but can enhance the roleplay/immersion of others

  • Example - “/me Is knocked out due to massive blood loss”

  • Announcements are for staff do not respond to them

  • Jail & Fine times are treated like a News Alert on your phone

  • You can choose to acknowledge them, this is up to you!

  • Kick/Ban messages are to be ignored, staff members are just doing their job!