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Okay, so this is somewhat similar to Blazing's suggestion about having a 2nd character in the same gang but as a low tier. My dilemma with the whole 2nd character thing is when there are high ranking gang members that are also high ranking cops. You can say all you want that your cop character is different than your gang character, but you can't seriously say that if another higher ranking officer is pushing to raid the gang you run, that you are gonna be completely unbiased with the evidence presented and such. The easy fix for this would be to just make them choose whether they want to be a high ranking cop or a high ranking gang member, but I personally don't think this would be the best option, I think giving someone an ultimatum on positions he earned through RP is very unfair. On the other hand though, I think this is definitely an issue that needs to be taken into consideration and a fix should be discussed between the admins/owners. I think you can still be a cop and gang member on different characters, I just don't think the higher ranking gang members should be able to make decisions on what the police force does with their time, they should only be able to receive the rank of trooper in my opinion.

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This is something that we need to come back to once we have more input from the community.



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