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Police Compaints


Some sort of formal complaint system against police officers for internal affairs to be able to be addressed in character and in city. Say a civ sees a cop speeding through red lights with no lights on, or a cop crashes into their car, or any other SOP violating thing that doesnt violate server rules, Civs can fill out a form with their name, number, description of what happened, officer involved, any evidence, etc. Then, IA or whatever rank is tasked with reviewing it, getting the officers side with any evidence he may have, coming to a verdict/decision on a punishment (if there is any at all) at which point the person who filed the complaint is notified of the result of the dispute so they know it was actually addressed. If the civilian is unhappy with the reprimands, or never receives a confirmation, they can sue the department for negligence. This can help create inter-department RP for the police as well as create RP for DoJ

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