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I won't be available for the podcast, but I would like the discussion of whether "Low Level Gang Alternates" to be brought up. There are people that like to create "low tiered gang characters" for the gang that they are in. I do not want to point fingers but I will use them as an example as they are the most prevalent, The Ballas. Currently, there are multiple people who have a "main character" in the Ballas and an "alternate" character in the Ballas, and what happens is the alternate character goes around and does all the illegal stuff like robbing banks and getting dirty money and then they clean it through their own gang to feed them dirty/income. I feel like this shouldn't be allowed, you should only have "1 Gang Character". Have shitlords is okay, everyone has to blow off steam and frankly it's really fun just being a low life criminal but it shouldn't be related to ANY of the major 5. My shitlord character Bill Stacey goes around and does shit completely unrelated to the mafia, and if I need money cleaned I hit up all the people Bill knows in RP, which is basically someone in each gang and whoever hits me up first gets it. Again, I know I'm using the ballas as an example but I know other gangs have done this as well, I just want an official ruling as to whether things like this is okay, and what some of the rules and guidelines around this should be, like whether these low level characters have keys to the safes for example.

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This is something that we need to come back to once we have more input from the community.



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